Saturday, January 13, 2007

Hello to 'craplets' readers

Hello to everyone who found this blog as a result of your interest in the 'craplets' story that I broke.

I'm on vacation after a gruelling week running around covering the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) for CBC News Online, TV and radio -- while suffering from a terrible cold, severe sleep deprivation, a lack of meals and a foot injury.

It's interesting to see such a strong reaction to the story from all quarters. I've been covering technology for more than a decade and have done double duty a news editor and writer for much of that time but few stories -- including weightier ones -- have touched a nerve the way this one has.

For those of you who may be wondering why my blog isn't updated more frequently the answer is simple. As a technology reporter who is "always on" I value what little time that I can get offline.

Feel free to leave comments or to contact me by e-mail at the address noted at the top right of the page -- and thanks for visiting.