Saturday, April 01, 2006

Google: Love fool

Google's April Fools joke this year: Google Romance

From Google Blog

Google Romance, a beta product currently incubating in Google Labs, uses cutting-edge personal search algorithms to help you find your soulmate, then sponsors your first Contextual Date with said soulmate-to-be in exchange for showing you highly relevant advertising that just might help Cupid's arrow find its mark. Does it really work? Ask our internal beta testers -- if you can find them, that is. Not a single one has shown up for work in days.

So why not give it a try yourself? You've got true love to gain, and only your faith in psychographic and contextual advertising software to lose.

There are more than enough clues there to make it clear it's a joke, and the product tour should make it absurdly obvious... but I'm still waiting for some mainstream news source to report it as fact and see it spreadfrom there through error repetition.