Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Podcasts to bodcasts

It was inevitable. Porn on the iPod and other devices has been around for a while but it may get a boost now that "respectable" porn purveyor Playboy has jumped on the bandwagon with its video podcasts they have oh-so-cleverly bastardized as bodcasts. [link work-safe when posted]

I wonder what marketing brain-trust came up with this:

First there was podcasting. And now there is "Bodcasting" -- Playboy.com's super sexy take on the high-tech craze. Our new service allows users to take some of our coolest features and download them directly to their portable players. Can you say, Playboy on the go? Sign up for our free Bodcast and never leave your house again without taking a piece of Playboy with you.

The obvious question: Why would anyone want to take porn with them on their iPods orother portable video players? What sort of person does that?

Another stellar use of the InterWeb.

At least peecasting was intentionally funny.